These Fast Japanese Methods Cures In 5 Minutes



According to an ancient Japanese theory based on Alternative Medicine, all our fingers are linked to a specific organ in our body.

It’s interesting, a knowledge of this can help one get natural cure to minor health issues in a matter of minutes. It’s like first aid.

Every part of the body complements each other, the fingers help keep the body in balance both physically and emotionally.

By massaging the finger associated with those specific organs, which I’m about to mention, one can get relief in minutes.



Organs Associated: spleen and stomach.

Massaging Can Relieve: Headaches, skin problems, stomach pain, nervousness

Index finger 

Organs Associated: kidneys, bladder.

Massaging Relieves: fear, confusion, digestion problems, muscle pain, toothache, back pain

Middle finger

Organs Associated: lungs and big intestine.

Massaging Relieves: pessimism, fear and sadness, skin problems, digestion, asthma

Pinkie (the smallest finger)

Organs  Associated: Heart and small intestine.

Massaging Relieves: Anxiety, heart and bone problems, as well as  throat pain.


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