Difference Between A Healthy and Unhealthy Heart: Foods that make your heart Happy


Heart issues are very common, in Nigeria as well, some people may not even know they have a heart challenges until the symptoms get really worse or it probably lands them in the hospital. And trust me, when it gets to this stage, it’s usually leads to a lot of crisis and of course lots money spending. Something that can be prevented with good diet and health principles.

Let’s talk about some foods you should ‘inculcate’ in your diet that helps your heart positively.


This fish is amazing and has many healthy acids and fats. The fatty acids it contains help to stop inflammation and remove bad cholesterol.


Eat nuts daily and decrease bad cholesterol, keep your joints healthy and heart healthy too. These give many unsaturated fats, fat acids and omega 3 acids too. All these make the memory better and brain work better too. Example of nuts: Walnuts, GroundNuts, Cashew Nuts etc.


This fruit makes more nitric oxide and also cleans the blood vessels. Try dicing watermelon with other fruits regularly, it helps your heart.


Experts said that brown rice, grain breads and oats are cleaning the vessels and stop heart problems. Whole grains have fibers and regulate the cholesterol. So, actually Ofada rice has a lot more health benefits for your heart than processed Rice. (Nice!)



This tea is very powerful, it has antioxidants and other natural ingredients that strengthen the heart. Apart from that, it also:

  • helps in weight reduction
  • reduces  the fat amount in the blood
  • reduces blood pressure
  • slows down the aging
  • suppresses cancer
  • reduces the amount of sugar in the blood
  • slows down the growth of harmful bacteria
  • eliminates inflammation
  • reduces the effect of the nicotine on the organism
  • eliminates the consequences of radiation
  • improves the eyesight, eases digestion
  • has some detoxification qualities, prevents constipation and decomposes alcohol

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This is really healthy and nutritious too. Has many healthy fats and removes bad cholesterol fast.

In conclusion,  your diet matters a lot and has a very siginificant effect on your health, do not wait till the situation aggravates before you take an action. Prevention is actually cheaper than cure.

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